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Let Your Opponents Know Who’s Runnin’ the Show!

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My House International Sports Apparel – Fan Gear! was created prior to owner Terrence House’s Deployment to Iraq in 2005. During that time House was more concerned with deploying and coming home alive. The My House Brand was created, because House grew tired of the team hopping athletes. He felt that players always move on to different teams, but  Team Colors and Fans stay the same. In order to fix this problem, House came up with the perfect concept and solution and the My House Brand was created. The brands motto “This is… Our House! ™ is designed to be worn during home games during sporting events. The logo can be customized to reflect any team or school colors. Terrence is actively engaging High School Booster Club Directors, The NCAA, and Retail Stores. House is hoping that the My House Brand will eventually become a “Household Name.”

Let Your Opponents Know Who’s Runnin’ the Show!
This is… Our House! ™