The Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame was created to honor the pioneers, innovators and leaders who built the sporting goods industry and to help recognize and encourage excellence within the sporting goods industry. Many sporting goods retailers, dealers and manufacturers felt there was a need for leaders in the sporting goods industry to be recognized by their peers. To provide this recognition, the SPORTING GOODS INDUSTRY HALL OF FAME was created in 1955.

Among the criteria for manufacturers to be elected to the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame are: The development and successful production of products, which significantly improve sports performance, and the introduction of significant safety factors for sporting goods products. All innovations must be substantiated. Retailers/dealers must demonstrate innovation and leadership, as well as participation in industry-wide activities. Monetary success is not a determining factor.

Members of every segment of the industry have the opportunity to submit the names of sporting goods retailers/dealers and manufacturers they deem worthy of election to the Hall of Fame for extraordinary contributions to the growth and progress of the industry. The first election was held on Friday, February 3, 1956, by the Hall of Fame Committee, which is made up of representatives from all segments of the industry – manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers/dealers and agents.

Induction ceremonies are held at the annual NSGA Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit. Take a few moments to see some of our industry’s giants – people who have made a difference, and who have helped our industry grow and prosper.


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