The data on consumer purchases is taken from 'The Sporting Goods Market in 2012,' which has been published by the National Sporting Goods Association for more than 20 years. The basic consistency in methodology provides a sound basis for comparing overall purchase statistics. However, the survey does not cover all products in every category, nor does it make estimates for accessory items. Items that may be designed for leisure activity, rather than for specific sports, are not included. Estimates should be viewed as minimal in each sport category.

This report represents projections of 2011 consumer purchases from an online survey conducted in February, 2012 among a representative panel of over 55,000 households.  All products are based on purchases during the 2011 calendar year (January 2011 - December 2011).  Projections of 2011 sales were based on 118.7 million households.

Estimates of retail sales are shown for some products which were not included in the survey. These estimates are based on reliable published statistics where available. In other cases reliance was placed on knowledgeable industry sources. 

Information on the sales of snow skiing equipment has been provided by SnowSports Industries America, McLean, Virginia. The SIA Retail Audit tracks consumer ski equipment purchases in specialty ski shops.

Much more detailed data on consumer purchases is reported in 'The Sporting Goods Market in 2012.' The footwear section includes 25 styles of athletic and sport footwear. For equipment, the report provides consumer purchases for specific products in more than 20 sport categories. 

Purchaser demographics include annual household income, age and gender of major user, education of household head, and region of the country. A ten-year history of sales allows the analysis of long term trends. Place-of-purchase data allows analysis of industry channels of distribution. The 91-page report is prepared for NSGA by Irwin Broh Research, a research company nationally recognized for its work in the leisure field.