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Active Ankle Volt
Utilizing the power of carbon fiber, Active Ankle has redefined what is possible in a rigid ankle brace. By reengineering the traditional Active Ankle hinge design, a new level of mobility is created by reducing the amount of “plastic on plastic” friction inherent in other rigid braces. The new lower stirrup features a unique combination of rigid supports and body heat moldable plastic that creates a brace that fits better inside the tightly fitting shoes or cleats of today’s athletes. Custom molded EVA pads bring a new level of comfort to Active Ankle braces by allowing better fit and function than other padding systems

Active Ankle Power Lacer
To correctly address the mechanics of a sprain you must control both the heel and the forefoot. Designed by a certified athletic trainer the Cramer Active Ankle Power Lacer provides that control. The innovative Y-shaped dual stabilization system addresses movement of the heel while helping stabilize the forefoot against rolling in a single easy to use strap.

Cramer Sports Motion Tape
New, flexible tape designed to support muscles and joints
throughout their full range of motion.  Available in black and
Cramer Sports Underwrap
Vibrant, new colors of underwrap to meet the latest color trends - brite white, brite teal, brite yellow, brite green and purple.  Popular with soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball and cheerleading.