PHIT Act (h.r. 1218)

Would expand the allowable expenses for which pre-tax health savings account funds may be used, including health club fees, home exercise equipment, required youth sports equipment, and "pat to play" fees for interscholastic and youth sports. The goal is to encourage American to be more active. 

SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING: More people die from inactivity (5.3 million) each year in America than from smoking (5.0 million). In fact, according to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, inactivity was found in a survey of 300,000 people to be responsible for twice as many early deaths as obesity. 

ROI FOR ACTIVITY: According to the World Health Organization's Health & Development Through Physical Activity & Sport Report, investing in physical activity programs will lead to economic savings. In the U.S. an investment of $1 in physical activity (time and equipment) leads to $3.20 in medical cost savings.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your Member of Congress to help the passage of the PHIT Act


July 13, 2015 - NSGA Commits Support to Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act