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NFHS Update on Baseballs  

The findings from testing on NFHS-approved baseballs by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell were revealed during the NFHS baseball rules committee meeting in early June 2015 in Indianapolis. Based on the test results, the baseballs are considered compliant and there will not be a need for baseballs to meet a new ASTM standard.  

Three baseball brands (12 baseballs each) of similar construction were tested for average weight, circumference, seam height, ball compression, ball performance comparison and batted ball speed. All of the baseballs tested were within NOCSAE specifications with the exception of one baseball that was outside of the weight parameters. 

There is currently no standard for seam height. ASTM is working on one to standardize seam height and there may be a standard by June 2016.

The baseball rules committee said they were not aware of anyone using or interested in using flat-seamed baseballs. The NCAA switched in 2015 to flat-seamed baseballs for its postseason in an effort to boost home run totals and offense.

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Implementation date of football glove rule (One-year delay saved members tens of millions of dollars by allowing them to sell products that were identical to what the new rule calls for, with the exception of a certification stamp.)