2016 52nd annual Management Conference & 18th annual Team Dealer Summit

Each year, leaders converge on the NSGA Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit to exchange the brightest ideas and best practices within the industry, while hearing from engaging thought leaders on topics that affect sporting goods businesses every day. Below, find out more about this year’s outstanding speaker lineup and the topics they will cover. For a look at the program sessions, please download the brochure. 

Monday, May 23 (session order)

Sugar Ray Leonard - Biography |

David Nour - Biography |

Eve Mayer - Biography |

Mike Gurka - Biography

Mara Devitt - Biography

Chris Randall - Biography

Greg Segall - Biography

Glenn Silbert - Biography

Win Weber - Biography

Dr. Bob Nelson - Biography |

Tuesday, May 24 (session order)

Greg Gumbel - Biography 

Bob Gardner - Biography

Jim Thompson - Biography |

Art Chou - Biography |

Paul O'Brien - Biography

Kara Specht - Biography

Heather Lutze - Biography |