Retailer/team dealer qualifications

Nominations may be made by anyone associated with the sporting goods industry. A nominee must be an individual – not a group or company.  Elections will be by Committee based on the evaluation of documented qualifications relative to established criteria and whether or not the individual has or is making a significant lasting contribution to sports and the sporting goods industry. Fame and financial success are not criteria. Nominations for individuals outside of the United States are accepted.


  • Any individual or his/her representatives who are or have been engaged in the operation of a sporting goods business may be nominated.
  • Must meet the following requirements:

    * Be or have been in the sporting goods business at least 20 years.
    * Have good community standing.
    * Have made a significant contribution to the industry; local, state or national.
    * Support the industry.
    * Have conducted business professionally, honestly and with integrity.

  • Current NSGA Board of Directors and Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame Committee members are not eligible.