NSGA Innovations arena


The NSGA Innovations Arena is a highlight of NSGA's Annual Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit. Executives and decision-makers from retailers and dealers are looking for innovative new products at the NSGA Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit.

  • Showcase your product
  • Boost your visibility
  • Build relationships and generate leads

Interested in the Innovations Arena?

1. Manufacturer sponsors of the 2018 Conference & Summit are eligible to participate in the Innovations Arena.

2. New companies with new-to-market products can apply to the NSGA Innovations Arena using the form below. Application period closes November 3, 2017. 

The 2018 Innovations Arena will be held during the 54th Annual Management Conference & 20th Annual Team Dealer Summit May 20-22, 2018 in Bonita Springs, Florida.

For more information about the 2018 Innovations Arena program, contact innovationsarena@nsga.org.

I am so thankful GloveStix was picked to show our product in the Innovations Arena this past year. Since we are a new business with a lot to learn, attending this 4-day event was awakening. My husband and I learned more about The Sporting Goods Industry and how it operates in those 4 days then we had the entire 2 years prior. I left with a bunch of new connections and more importantly, some new friends! - Krista Woods, GloveStix, Director of Stink Operations

Innovations Arena Participants

2018 NSGA Innovations Arena Application
New Company Application
Currently distributed through:

Please email to innovationsarena@nsga.org at least two, but not more than five, high resolution photos of your product. All images must be 300dpi or higher. You may attach supporting documents such as a marketing brochure.
Authorized Representative of Company:
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All information submitted to the NSGA Innovations Arena is confidential. NSGA reserves the right to accept or reject any application.
Applications are incomplete without the $500 deposit, please check the box below and complete payment information. If not selected for the 2018 Innovations Arena, NSGA will refund your $500 deposit.
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