Get in the game: a path to a career in the sporting goods industry

Get in the Game* is a program created by Sporting Goods Industry leaders and administered by NSGA to educate college students about the exciting and rewarding careers in sporting goods that are available to talented individuals. The program allows college and university professors to request a speaker through this website. Interested persons who wish to speak to that class would then volunteer to make the presentation. This page serves as a “meeting place” between colleges and potential speakers.

*Get in the Game is a registered trademark of Dunham's Sports. 

How Does it Work?

  1. For professors or instructorsClick here to complete the speaker request form, which includes all the details a speaker would need. To receive more information about the sporting goods industry or NSGA, please email NSGA Director of Public Affairs Larry Weindruch,
  2. For speakers – Click here to let NSGA know of your availability. A list of speaking opportunities will be posted on this page, so please check back regularly to see if a college or university near you wishes to host a presentation.
  3. Once a “match” has been made, NSGA will provide the speaker with a customizable script and accompanying PowerPoint. A copy of the PowerPoint also will be sent to the professor/instructor.

For students – Visit the NSGA Job Board to find employment opportunities in the sporting goods industry

For more resources, click here

For more information, please contact NSGA Director of Public Affairs, Larry Weindruch, (847) 296-NSGA (6742), ext. 1290, or