By: Nick Rigitano, Research and Information Analyst

NSGA recently released the 2015 editions of its Sports Participation and Sporting Goods Market reports – must-have documents for any organization looking for key insights into the Sporting Goods Industry. For more than 30 years, NSGA has been the Industry’s leader in providing reliable research and information to sporting goods executives.

Topline insights from the reports include the following:

Sports Participation in the US cover

Sports Participation in the US:
This year, NSGA tracked 54 sports/activities. New sports added included Boxing, Ice/Figure Skating, and Martial Arts/MMA/Tae Kwon Do. For the year 2014, 33 out of the 54 sports/activities tracked by NSGA experienced participation growth vs 2013. This is an increase from the one-third of activities that experienced growth from 2012-2013. In terms of the number of participants, the segment that saw the highest percentage increase was Open Water (2.7%), driven largely from Boating (Motor/Power), Canoeing, and Kayaking. The Individual sports/activity segment experienced the largest decrease (-2.6%) driven from Bowling, Golf, and Tennis.

The Sports Participation in the US report provides participation trends and key demographic/geographic drivers of participation. Additional reports are also available to better understand cross participation between sports/activities and lifecycle demographics.

Sporting Goods Market:
Consumer-reported retail sales of sporting goods apparel, equipment, and athletic footwear increased 2% in 2014. Sales Sporting Goods Marketincreased in the equipment and the athletic footwear segments, both increasing 2%. The apparel segment remained flat.  From an outlet perspective, full-line sporting goods stores was yet again the leading channel of purchase for sporting goods equipment and footwear. Within the equipment segment, specialty sport stores and discount stores had the second and third largest shares, respectively. As for the footwear segment, on-line sites moved into the No. 2 spot and Discount Stores fell to No. 3.

The Sporting Goods Market report provides sales trends, channels of purchase breakouts and product demographics for more than 130 product categories.

As part of NSGA’s research offerings, an easy-to-understand, quick-view snapshot is provided for each sport/activity. The Sports Participation report includes snapshots that allow users to easily see a 10-year participation trend (when available) in addition to key demographic and geographic drivers of participation. Likewise, the Sporting Goods Market report includes snapshots for each product category depicting its 10-year sales history (when available) in both units and dollars, along with retail channel of purchase and average price for the largest channels.

For more information on each report and to purchase your copies today, please visit www.nsga.org/research.