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Source For Sports' Eric Bezanson Elected to Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS (September 1, 2020) - Eric Bezanson, the owner of Cleve's Source For Sports, was chosen for the Class of 2021 for the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame. Bezanson helped build Cleve's, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to nearly 20 stores in Canada's Maritime Provinces and was also instrumental in the growth of Source For Sports throughout Canada. 

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NHL Diversity, Inclusion Initiatives Announced

NEW YORK/TORONTO (September 3, 2020) - The NHL announced a wide range of plans and committees to eliminate racism and promote more inclusion in hockey. The NHL Players Association is one of the groups that will lead the effort.

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USA Hockey Sanctions Return to Play

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO (August 4, 2020) - USA Hockey president Jim Smith and executive director Pat Kelleher shared their plans for a safe return to sanctioned play for the 2020-21 season during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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USA Hockey Helmet, Mask Guidance

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO (May 27, 2020) - USA Hockey issued guidance on the use of full shields vs. half shields or cages on helmets and the use of cloth masks for play during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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NFHS Ice Hockey Rule Changes

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (May 20, 2020) - An increase in the severity of a penalty for wearing "dangerous" ice skates is among the rule changes approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) for the 2020-21 season. Seventeen states and Washington, D.C., have boys and girls playing under NFHS ice hockey rules.

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HDA-NSGA COVID-19 Reopening Resources Page

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS (April 28, 2020) - The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) and HDA has a COVID-19 Reopening Resources page to help hockey retailers with their return to business. The page includes informative videos from Superfeet Worldwide, OrderMyGear, OC Sports and Cliff Keen Athletic, NSGA's Guide to Reopening Small Business, updated Return to Play guidelines for sports organizations such as USA Hockey and Hockey Canada and links to information such as the Paycheck Protection Program and Business Interruption Insurance.

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HDA-NSGA Office Update During COVID-19 Outbreak 

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS (March 16, 2020) - The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) and HDA office is closed until further notice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. All staff will be working remotely and will be available at (847) 296-6742 or

Notice to Members 

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS (March 6, 2020) - It has come to our attention that a website operating at ISGRA.ORG, as the Independent Sporting Goods Retail Association, has copied content from the NSGA website and is intentionally attempting to get individuals to register for an alleged membership based upon NSGA content and promoted services.  We are providing a notice to all of our members and everyone in the sporting goods industry to ensure that they are not confused by this website, which in some instances refers to NSGA.  If you have any questions, please contact NSGA Director of Communications and HDA Managing Director Marty Maciaszek at