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(Sigmatex, May 16, 2016)CCM Hockey and Sigmatex announced a partnership on CCM's line of premium hockey sticks for 2017. The upcoming product line will incorporate Sigmatex's sigmaST fabric, and is driven by weight reduction and strength objectives. 

The sticks will utilize Sigmatex's sigmaST fabric, which is 20 percent lighter than traditional carbon fiber fabrics, and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. This technology is crucial to sporting applications, particularly in the hockey industry that demands a lightweight stick which maintains durability and has a high impact tolerance. With its sleek checkerboard finish, sigmaST gives the hockey sticks a unique shelf appeal.

"Using sigmaST has empowered us to produce a lighter stick which still maintains the overall strength and performance required," CCM said in a release. "We chose to work with Sigmatex because of their proven capability in the sports & leisure sector to create innovative composite solutions. We have been able to build hockey sticks which outperform their predecessors not just from a weight perspective, but also in terms of strength and durability."
The sticks will be distributed globally and used in professional leagues across the world including the National, American, Canadian and Swedish hockey leagues.

Sigmatex is the world's leading independent converter of carbon fiber. With over 30 years' experience, Sigmatex supplies a range of technical textile solutions to a wide spectrum of industries including Sport & Leisure, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial and Construction markets. For more information, see