Hockey Dealers Association


(Canadian Competition Bureau, December 2015)Reebok-CCM has agreed to stop making claims that its hockey helmets prevent head injuries after it reached a consent agreement with Canada’s Competition Bureau in late December 2015.

According the Bureau, advertisements for the CCM Resistance hockey helmet contained words, images and videos that created an impression that the helmet would protect players from head injuries such as concussions. Reebok-CCM had conducted testing on the helmet prior to making the claims, but the Bureau determined the testing was not adequate and proper to support its marketing claims.

The Bureau reached a similar agreement with Bauer Hockey last year.

“We are pleased that Reebok-CCM has cooperated with the Bureau’s investigation and has agreed to stop making claims that could lead consumers into believing that their helmets can prevent concussions,” said John Pecman, the Bureau’s Commissioner of Competition. “Arriving at an agreement rapidly that resolves the Bureau’s concerns while putting sports equipment in the hands of the less fortunate is a great alternative to spending time and resources in a courtroom.”

The agreement with the Bureau requires Reebok-CCM to:

  • Donate $475,000 worth of sports equipment to a charity that supports youth in sports or teams, associations or leagues for underprivileged children or youth hockey players;
  • Remove or modify the remaining claims from all marketing materials, including packaging and online advertising;
  • Implement an enhanced corporate compliance program and take steps to ensure retailers do not make unsupported claims;
  • Pay $30,000 toward the Bureau’s investigation costs.

On its website, Reebok-CCM advertised that the CCM Resistance helmet had a “Rotational Energy Dampening System” that helped manage rotational impacts and reduce rotational acceleration of the head during impact, according to a story in the Toronto Globe and Mail. The Bureau determined this created an impression the helmet could protect against head injuries.