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The 10th annual NCAA and NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) rules meeting was held April 12 in Indianapolis. Here is a look at what occurred in ice hockey:

The NCAA's Ty Halpin said Division I men's coaches have regular discussions about the NHL's plan to cut down on the size of goalie equipment. Halpin said D-I coaches want to be on the same page with the NHL plans.

This is a rule-change year in early June and the NCAA's Ty Halpin said they would like to a see an increased amount of scoring chances - even though goal-scoring was up this year.
The rules committee meets at the end of April and NFHS's Dan Schuster said there are no proposals on equipment changes for this year. Schuster said they are satisfied with the current state of helmets but are pushing for an emphasis on proper fitting of helmets and facemasks.

Schuster said there are no NHL-type proposals about the size of goalie equipment. He said it's not a direction the NFHS can go for a number of reasons.

HECC (Hockey Equipment Certification Council) representative Terry Smith said they have formed a task force with the CSA Group in Canada to develop a national test for ice hockey helmets. Schuster and Halpin said they have received no inquiries regarding the Virginia Tech hockey helmet test ratings done in 2015.