hockey recap from NCAA, NFHS RUles meeting

No rule change proposals for ice hockey were announced at the annual NCAA and NFHS rules conference in Indianapolis on April 18, which was attended by Marty Maciaszek, Director of HDA and the NSGA Team Dealer Division. One of the big topics concerning both organizations is "Cat Eye" cages on goalie masks because some meet HECC standards and some do not, according to NFHS ice hockey rules editor Dan Schuster. 

In the 2016 playoffs, New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist suffered an eye injury when he was poked through his cage by a stick blade from teammate Mark Stahl. The wider, tapered eye hole provides better visibility and is designed to ensure pucks do not fit through the holes. They have been illegal to sell or import in Canada since 2009.

NCAA hockey liaison Ty Halpin said his organization is very interested in what the NHL is doing with streamlining goalie equipment. Halpin said the NCAA would like to move to those standards at the Division I men's level as quickly as possible but said it would take longer for that to happen at the women's and Division III men's levels.