new hda manufacturer member spotlight: Krampade

Krampade is a family-owned, evergreen company with a revolutionary approach for cramp prevention and resolution, while also enhancing muscle performance and recovery.  Our powdered drink formulations provide a rapidly absorbable form of dietary potassium that quickly resolves acute cramps and when used regularly helps prevent onset of cramps. Krampade has already made significant inroads into the hockey community and joined the Hockey Dealers Association as a manufacturer member in early September.   

Replenish. Renew. Recover. Krampade is used by top NCAA Division I hockey programs, professional hockey players and others to enhance muscle performance and recovery, while helping to prevent and stop cramps. Whether a weekend warrior, a hard-core competitive athlete, or someone who suffers from cramping, we offer a simple, inexpensive solution.

Based on Science, not Sweat.® Our competitors base their formulations for electrolyte replacement upon the composition of sweat.  This assumes that all of the electrolytes lost in sweat provide a complete picture of the body’s electrolyte balance.  At Krampade, we make electrolyte replacement complete. 

Train Harder.  Train Longer.  We base our formulations on what your muscles lose and need most.  Keep yourself ready for that next play, that next shift, that next match, that next mile. 

We’re more than a Sports Drink. We are an anti-cramping formulation.  We are a family company.  We are a U.S.-based company.  We are educators.  We are philanthropy driven.  We are transparent.  We are Krampade. 

Join the Krampade revolution and help provide your customers with a unique approach for complete electrolyte replacement.  Stop your customers’ cramps while enhancing their muscle recovery and performance.  Contact Krampade at 1-833-KRAMPED (1-833-572-6733) to learn more about our product line and how you can have our product line in your store.

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