Sher-Wood agrees to sale with canadian tire corporation

Sherbrooke, Quebec (February 12, 2018) - The Sher-Wood Athletics Group Inc. (SAG) has finalized an agreement to sell its Sher-Wood brand and parts of its hockey inventory to INA International Inc. (INA), a division of Canadian Tire Corporation. INA will be responsible for sales, distribution, marketing and product development of Sher-Wood hockey equipment to customers in Canada, the United States and internationally.

SAG will continue in business and maintain ownership of the Novelty and Licensing Business. All new and existing orders will continue through SAG's current purchasing and shipping processes. Any open orders currently in place with SAG, scheduled to be shipped before April 1, 2018, will be honored and shipped by SAG. Open orders with SAG with shipment dates after April 1, 2018, including all spring and summer booking orders, will be distributed by INA.

New orders for Sher-Wood hockey products are to be directed to a current sales representative or the SAG order desk. The new orders will be processed and distributed by INA.

Orders for licensing and novelty products will continue in a normal fashion with SAG continuing to ship and take all new orders. All calls about SAG's novelty and licensing business will go through existing customer service representatives at SAG.

The Canadian Tire Corporation includes Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Sports Experts, Pro Hockey Life and FGL Sports.