stx, materials sciences corporation announce exclusive product agreement

Under the unique agreement, STX will have exclusive rights to MSC’s proprietary composite technologies in the sport of field hockey, with ongoing development being pursued in other categories.

The first appearance of MSC technology in an STX product will occur in the spring of 2018, with the launch of the new STX Stallion HPR range of field hockey sticks. The collection is set to feature MSC’s Countervail® vibration canceling technology, currently found in high-performance road and mountain racing bicycles and tennis racquets.

“At STX, we are constantly striving to find material technology partners to help us provide next level performance to the athlete. With the utilization of Countervail in STX field hockey sticks, we’re confident we have finally solved the number one frustration of composite sticks – vibration,” said Jim Benton, Vice President of R&D/Product Management for STX.

After a long period of development and testing by some of the most elite hockey players in the world, Countervail is demonstrating an ability to mitigate the intensely negative vibration often experienced by players, in a range of weather conditions.

“Countervail has been proven to improve endurance and accuracy uniquely without adversely affecting power or feel. This is supported by independent lab testing and championship victories in both pro tour biking and Grand Slam tennis. We are very excited to work with STX to bring these same performance benefits to their sports,” said Jack Scott, MSC's Vice President of Commercial Business Development.

An official release date for the STX product incorporating Countervail will be announced in the coming months.

About STX: 
STX is a global sporting goods leader in the sports of lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey. With its 1970 introduction of the first synthetic lacrosse head, STX ushered in the “modern era” of what is now the fastest growing team sport. Based in Baltimore, the home of lacrosse, STX has been universally recognized for innovation in product design and development. STX continues to strive for new performance standards in sporting goods equipment at the highest levels of competition. For more information, visit

About Materials Sciences Corporation: 
Materials Sciences Corporation is an engineering design and testing firm, founded in 1970, and focused on high-performance composites. MSC headquarters is in Horsham, PA with operations also in Greenville, SC. Since 1970 MSC has performed research work for NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), US Departments of Defense and Energy, and the commercial sector. MSC draws on four decades of experience and computer modeling expertise to develop novel composite materials with the potential to deliver revolutionary new performance. MSC has a number of patents, many of which offer significant benefit in commercial applications. For more information, visit