Hispanic Segment Explored in New Sporting Goods Study


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MOUNT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS (November 1, 2016) – Rapid population growth and the integral role of sports and exercise within its culture make the Hispanic segment highly relevant to sporting goods businesses, according to the recent release of the National Sporting Goods Association’s (NSGA) Scouting the Hispanic Market study. The study reveals that 92% of Hispanics consider sports and exercise extremely or very important to their family’s lifestyle, compared to 76% of non-Hispanics.

“The exploration of the multicultural population is becoming increasingly important each day, and the Hispanic segment is leading the charge,” said NSGA’s Director of Research & Information Dustin Dobrin. “The possibility of Hispanics becoming a greater percentage of customer bases is very likely, and sporting goods businesses must become more familiar with Hispanic values, attitudes and shopping behaviors to appeal to this segment.”

The study further explains that Hispanic core values heavily influence the role of sports within the culture and the behaviors during the sporting goods shopping process. These core values tend to gravitate towards the theme of collectivism, in which behaviors and decisions are often group-oriented with focus on family and close friends rather than on the individual. For example, word-of-mouth tends to take a greater role in influencing purchase decisions during the sporting goods shopping process.

Additional topics discussed in the study include reasons why Hispanics participate in sports and exercise, participation interest across segments, amounts and types of research Hispanics execute prior to the purchase decision, in-store vs. online purchase preferences, and purchase outlets among Hispanics for sporting goods.

The study is complimentary to all members of NSGA and available to non-members for purchase. Click here for more information.

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