For more than 35 years, NSGA has provided unique industry-specific research utilized by organizations large and small. The result is historically recognized data that is the most relevant information for your everyday business needs. Join NSGA today to receive member pricing on research offerings.



Pieces of NSGA's research have been used by major media outlets and specialty publications in the industry. You can browse available research in the Research Offerings section and purchase NSGA research to immediately download. 

Some of the reports available include:

  • Sports Participation in the U.S.
  • Sports Participation Single Sport (You have the ability to choose a specific sport to obtain the information important to you)
  • Sports Participation Cross Participation
  • Sports Participation Lifecycle Demographics
  • NSGA Shopper Playbook: Insights into the Sporting Goods Shopper
  • Scouting the Hispanic Market

NSGA is constantly improving and adding to their research offerings. Check back for announcements about new research and updated reports.