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Sporting Goods Stores - Census Data

  • Number of stores by region (total, full-line, specialty, athletic footwear, # of firms)
  • Based on US Economic Census

Sporting Goods Industry FAQ pdf

  • What products are considered part of the industry?
  • What companies are part of the industry?
  • Overall size of the industry?
  • Key drivers of industry?
  • Current trends of industry?

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Complimentary Reports

  • Retailers/Team Dealers 
  • Manufacturers/Wholesalers

Topline Industry Figures

  • 2016 NSGA Sports Participation Rankings 
  • Total Participation Points by Major Segment: 1990's - Current 
  • Total Participation Points by Major Segment: 2016 vs 2015 
  • Sporting Goods Retail Sales: % Change 2007-2016
    Total Sporting Goods
    Equipment, Footwear and Clothing
    Top 10: % Change by Category for 2016 vs 2015
  • Channel of Purchase Outlet Shares: 2016

Insight Papers

  • Driving Impulse Sales at Retail
  • Measurement of Advertising Impact 
  • Understanding Unplanned Purchases
  • Utilizing Cross Participation Data for Merchandising

Top 10 Full-Line Sporting Goods Retailers

  • Total Stores per State Among Top 10 Full-Line Retailers in US
  • Number of Top 10 Full-Line Retailers by State
  • Stores per State for Each Top 10 Full-Line Retailer
  • 5 Year History of Total Stores in the US for Each Top 10 Full-Line Retailer