Verified Dealer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did NSGA create the Verified Independent Dealer Program?

A: NSGA wanted to provide independent retailers and dealers with a tool to help differentiate their businesses in the marketplace. The program is designed to tell customers a Verified Independent Dealer is much more experienced than someone printing t-shirts in a garage and they offer a specialized layer of service which may not be available from larger, publicly traded companies.

Q: What are the goals for the retailer and/or dealer who participates in the Verified Independent Dealer Program?

A: The ultimate objective is to have the Verified Independent Dealer be a vehicle to help retailers and dealers grow their business opportunities with current and potential customers.

Q: How does the process work to determine a Verified Independent Dealer?

A: Dealers submit the application form and list of references to NSGA for review. The NSGA Team will review and determine whether the company meets the criteria for one of the two Verified Independent Dealer Program levels – “MVP” and “All-Star” – and will conduct reference checks. If NSGA is having trouble contacting references, the applicant will be asked to provide alternates. The NSGA Team may also review other independent sources of information to make its final determination, including but not limited to, social media company reviews, and Better Business Bureau company reviews.

Q: What are the obligations to me as a retailer/dealer to participate in the program?

A: Applying for the program is simple and easy. An important aspect of this program is to avoid adding more to a full set of challenges business owners already face.

Q: I don’t have a retail presence but operate from a warehouse. Does this meet the requirement for operating out of a bricks-and-mortar facility?

A: Yes!

Q: Am I eligible to participate in the program if I am a member of a buying group?

A: Members of buying groups are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Q: How long does the process take once I apply?

A: NSGA anticipates 4 to 6 weeks to process the application and conduct reference checks to determine eligibility, depending upon responsiveness of the references.

Q: What happens if my company is approved to participate in the NSGA Verified Independent Dealer Program?

A: Your company will receive an approval letter from NSGA and a welcome toolkit to help Verified Independent Dealers get the maximum benefit from participating in the program.  The kit will include letters to be shared with potential customers, a window cling, logo stickers, and a copy of the press release NSGA will send to the local media identified on the application form. Your company will also be eligible to participate in exclusive Verified Independent Dealer meetings, programs and events.

Q: How long does the Verified Independent Dealer status last?

A: The Verified Independent Dealer status is good for 3 years, unless something substantial changes in your business to necessitate NSGA taking steps to reconsider the status. For example, if your company originally receives an MVP Verified Independent Dealer Status, and then converts from privately held independent to publicly traded, the company would no longer be eligible to benefit from the program and a revocation process would be implemented.




Contact Marty Maciaszek, NSGA Team Dealer Director, at or (847) 296-NSGA (6742), ext. 1260.